Brain Dead Kirby *Presale Full Set

Brain Dead Kirby *Presale Full Set

This is a listing for an official Presale.
Pricing is for all 3 in the Set and a Secret Variant.
No singles will be available at this time.

Presale Buyers will also get exclusive Stickers for this Drop With their purchase. Will correspond through Email with Updates.

LE-50 Sets
Secret Variant LE 20

Inhale-2.5" UV
Acid Dreams 1.5" UV
Bong Carrier 1.75" UV
Inhale- Secret Variant Presale Only!
2.5" Full Glow. Comes in addition with Set.
Only available for the First 20 Set Presales.

Presale Run Time 3 weeks.

Please allow up to 6 Weeks for delivery From 4-1-2023.
Any leftovers not claimed by presale will only be available at Events and through The Brain Dead Pins Group.

Design was initially Thought up on a Road trip to Portland With Steven and Connor. We were literally Being Forced off the road By a semi as we were speaking this idea in existence.
Luckily, we made it out alive.

Art By Connor James
Produced By
Steven Cutter of Brain Dead Pins